Introductions Of People Made Simple With A Few Simple Rules

When a gentleman is in the presence of others at a private gathering and notices a fellow standing alone, he goes to him and introduces himself, saying, “Hello, I am John Jones. If the fellow standing alone responds with his name, he continues the conversation, inviting him to join him and his friends across the room. If the fellow is not cordial, the gentleman politely says, “Good bye, I hope to see you again”, and excuses himself back to his friends.

A gentleman understands that when introductions are needed between people, he follows this simple rule. The man is always presented to the lady (unless the man is a person of authority) and the younger is always presented to the elder.

Present is the right word. One person is being presented to another in honor. A gentleman understands the importance of introducing two people. It can cause changes in each life for the good or not so good. A gentleman never takes introductions lightly.

In best society, an introduction between a man and a lady of equal status would go like this. Mrs. Jones, may I present Mr. Smith! Mrs. Jones’ response is 香港相睇 “How do you do”. Mr. Smith can respond, It is good to meet you, Mrs. Jones. He does not say, “I am pleased to meet you”. A gentleman understands that the introduction is not about him and keeps the conversation in the third-party by using, “It is good to meet you”. The one doing the introduction needs to be cautious in using first names, unless sure that no offense will be taken.

Some ladies prefer not to be introduced to a gentleman by first name. A gentleman understands that it is safe to use last names or first and last names in introductions. 香港婚姻介紹所推薦

When a person is referring to a gentleman as, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones refers to that person by last name as well.

The Bible has must to say about introductions. Jesus came to introduce mankind to His Father. When He was asked of Philip to show us the Father, Jesus’ response was, If you have seen me Philip, you have seen the Father.

Paul made a statement, That I may present you as a chase virgin to Christ. (as in bride to groom)

Paul made another statement concerning introductions, stating that Christ is going to present to himself a glorious church. This is why the word says that we are joint hires with Christ. The two shall become one as equals.

The only time that a woman is presented to a man of equal authority is in marriage. God presented the woman to the man in the Garden of Eden at the first marriage. She came out of man and was presented back to man as equal.

A married gentleman understands this and humbly receives his wife as a gift from God as his equal.

Fred Fishburne has been serving the Lord since 1980. He was called by God in 1983 to New Life Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, Founded by matching agency  Norvel Hayes. After graduation, he helped charter a Rhema Bible Church, Living Word On The Move, in which Fred and his wife Ann raised their family and still serve today. Fred has been a Christian author for several years, encouraging people with his uplifting style to reach out and receive by faith the inheritance that God has prepared for them in Christ Jesus.

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