Lyrics are words that make up a song, usually consisting of verses and choruses

Can you imagine how your favorite song would be without the lyrics that it has? You can argue that some songs are purely instrumental if you are a skeptic. But the ones with effective lyrics are those that you want to sing about and interpret. Hence, it is undoubtedly true that lyrics actually make the song last forever.

When words are strategically and creatively placed to convey a message and make melodies and tunes last, they are called lyrics. It can be the other way round as well i.e melodies make make lyrics last. Whatever the case is, there is no doubt that no song is ever complete without both, lyrics and melodies. Popular singers and recording artists start up careers exist and flourish because of lyrics. They would not be able to exhibit and show their singing talents if not for lyrics.

AS many people may think, lyrics convey not just messages but also emotions and thoughts. Many songs impart certain feelings to the listener. They make people fall in love, feel sadness, draw humor, be angry, and act. Current mood of the listener also influences the kind of lyrics he wants to listen to. People in love tend to listen more to romantic songs with romantic lyrics, while those with feeling of sadness would want to share sentiments of sad songs (however mushy they are, they tend to still draw more listeners).

Lyrics usually rhyme, though there are exceptions. Any word from the dictionary isn’t used while writing lyrics. A lot of thought is put in putting the right words in the intended targets. They must rhyme with each other and they must fit in to scales and measurements of tunes and melodies.

There is a possibility that lyrics writing could take more time and effort than writing tunes or melodies and this is the reason why it takes a lot of time before new song compositions are commercially released. Composers tend to make Lyrics  numerous lyrics revisions before the final draft of the song. Music editors and producers would then try to listen and discern if music and until the right and effective lyrics are written to fit the music.

Many composers excel in creating exceptional tunes and melodies, while they are not that good in writing lyrics. This is proof that the gift of writing lyrics is not with just anyone and everyone. Likewise, there are great lyricists who could not in any way successfully come out with their own music or melodies. In most cases, there is a collaboration between composers and lyricists to produce great songs.

The lyrics of a song is judged as well when a track is released. That is because melodies would not stick in peoples minds if not for the lyrics. Last-song syndromes involve lyrics of music. People listen to lyrics so they could identify with songs. There are even some who are textualists, or those who pay much attention to song lyrics. The importance of lyrics in music could really never be underestimated or overlooked.

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