The 5C’s Of Buying Diamond Rings

Diamond rings have always been associated with glamour and luxury as the jewel diamond is considered the most precious jewel of all time for women, and sometimes men. It isn’t surprising though, considering the price tag that comes with your purchase. So it’s completely understandable that you gather as much information as you can on diamonds before you make a decision. Traditionally there were only four Cs associated with diamond grading. However, more and more jewelers are adding a fifth C to make it easier for most people to choose the diamond rings that they want.

Clarity. A diamond’s clarity is established through its inclusions and blemishes. The inclusions are internal irregularities while the blemishes are considered to be the surface flaws. Although diamonds are made out of pure carbon, sometimes, during the process, various minerals tend to mix, producing the inclusions and blemishes. The clarity of a diamond is determined through a 10x magnification by a certified diamond grader. The higher the clarity the more expensive a diamond ring will be.

Carat. People tend to misconstrue carat as the diamond’s price value but the truth is a diamond’s carat signifies the gem’s measure of weight. Since large diamonds are rare compared to their smaller counterparts, the price of diamond rings which boast a higher carat also tend to become more expensive.

Color. The perfect diamond rings are considered to be colorless. Although there are diamonds that have a hint of color in them, their prices tend to drop. Diamonds with a yellow tinge are cheaper and are given the lowest grade while diamonds that are colorless are given the highest marks.

Cut. Perhaps the most essential yet the most difficult part to achieve is the perfect cut. How a diamond is cut can significantly affect its brilliance and its price value in the market. Poorly cut gems have the lowest grades while diamonds that are perfectly cut are given the highest marks by diamond grades. Typically, diamonds rings that showcase a perfectly cut diamond are also more expensive.

Certificate. This is considered to be the rating of a diamond as a whole where all the 4Cs are used to come up with a general assessment.

Purchasing a diamond ring can be an expensive albeit fulfilling experience. A smart consumer that has learned the few basic measurements needed to understand the grading of diamonds, will certainly make an informed selection.

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